Monday, 15 August 2011

My first step: Rendering an Interpolated Noise Grid on the GPU

No triangles. Limited GPU memory (~1GB). Has to render in real time. Simple first step.

Let's try rendering Perlin Noise generated on the fly then. In the future this could lead to rendering of interesting landscapes.

But before that I needed to generate and render an interpolated noise grid. Here follow images showing my results.

Zoom x 10

Zoom x 100
Rendering resolution = 1600 x 900.
Frames Per Second ~ 1000.
Hardware = HD 5750.

Pleased with the speed of rendering, and with the smoothness of the interpolation.

The next step will not be adding these images together to create Perlin Noise. The next step will be real time exploration of the interpolated noise grid, either by animating the noise, or by implementing a user controlled camera and simple lighting to enable 3D exploration of the landscape.

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